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Least total marks in IIT JEE 2009 RKA

All of you know about Nitin Jain JEE 2009 Topper now here is some info. about RKA Who scored lease marks in jee 2009 his AIR is 384977 (last air) and his total is 86i2

(89 iota square)

Here is his score card

All Marks
REGST_NO NAME category sub_category GENDER PIN_RES PARENT_NAM math phys chem mark
2016246 RAJENDRA KUMAR AHIRWAR SC NN M 210432 removed by author
-30 -35 -21 -86

Getting least marks is also a talent and is certainly is not possible for everyone.I would like to dedicate this post to RKA: Man who created history and is most probably unaware of what he has done.

IIT JEE 2009


Keep reading the blog as very soon I will post about lowest marks in individual subjects and more such facts.

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