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Behind every successful IITian ….

You must have heard that behind every successful man there is a woman.Have you ever wondered who is behind every successful IITian and specially behind IIT tOpPer.Well the answer is simple.Behind every successful IITian there are several people from FIITJEE,Bansal,AAkash,and other petty coaching institutes claiming that he is their student.

Take a look at this picture (click on it to enlarge it)

beside this some coaching called sri chaitanya claimed that IIT JEE 2008 Topper was their student.

Very Stupid IIT Level joke

Now you may test if you have any quality of an IITian through this joke.If you think that this joke is funny or if such jokes often come to your mind then you have good chance of getting selected in JEE.

So without wasting anymore time here we have first IIT JEE level Joke that will beat all jokes

Q.)What will a Hyperbola say to a parabola and an ellipse?


Try to solve it yaar….

Its not that tough…….

I am sure u know this……

Ans.)My eccentricity is more than yours.

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Rank vs Marks for IIT JEE 2008

Rank list for IIT JEE 2008
Rank in Common Merit List Aggregate Marks
1 433
501 287
1001 263
1501 248
2001 236
2501 227
3001 219
3501 212
4001 206
4501 200
5001 195
5501 191
6001 186
6501 182
7001 179
7501 175
7903 172

How many IITians does it take to change a light bulb?

Four. One to design the change, one to implement it, one to document it, and one to maintain it afterwards.

Son of an IITian….

A  school teacher was asking his pupils what their parents did for a living.

Billy proudly stood up and announced, “My daddy plays piano in a whorehouse.” The teacher was aghast and went to Billy’s house and rang the bell. Billy’s father(The proud IITian) answered the door. The teacher explained what his son had said and demanded an explanation. Billy’s dad said, “I’m actually a system programmer specializing in TCP/IP communication protocol on UNIX systems. How can I explain a thing like that to a five-year-old?”

What will an IITian say when he is drowning

F1 F1 F1 !!!!!!!!

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