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Behind every successful IITian ….

You must have heard that behind every successful man there is a woman.Have you ever wondered who is behind every successful IITian and specially behind IIT tOpPer.Well the answer is simple.Behind every successful IITian there are several people from FIITJEE,Bansal,AAkash,and other petty coaching institutes claiming that he is their student.

Take a look at this picture (click on it to enlarge it)

beside this some coaching called sri chaitanya claimed that IIT JEE 2008 Topper was their student.

Very Stupid IIT Level joke

Now you may test if you have any quality of an IITian through this joke.If you think that this joke is funny or if such jokes often come to your mind then you have good chance of getting selected in JEE.

So without wasting anymore time here we have first IIT JEE level Joke that will beat all jokes

Q.)What will a Hyperbola say to a parabola and an ellipse?


Try to solve it yaar….

Its not that tough…….

I am sure u know this……

Ans.)My eccentricity is more than yours.

Number of students who got zero or negative Total in iit jee 2009

Number of students who got zero or negative Total in IIT JEE 2009 was more than 1 lakh.Exact number of students who got zero or below total was 106978.384977 students gave the examination last year.Hence 27.78% students got negative or zero total marks.Thus nearly 1 in every 4 student got zero or negative total marks.

Source:Right to Information

Reason why e is inferior to pi According to an IITian

The character for e is so cheap that it can be found on a keyboard. But is special (it’s under “special symbols” in word processor programs.)

IIT Coaching classes a 10,000 Crore industry

Survey has shown that IIT Coaching classes is a 10,000 Crore industry-an amount that can fund 30 to 40 new IIT.

{India has over 12 million students in higher education but fewer than 350,000 faculty members.}

I would  like to point out that this money is also equivalent to 5 MAYAWATI PARKS in UTTAR PRADESH or 20 Chandrayaans Wow !!!!!!!!!

1+1 According to an IITian

What is 1+1 According to an IITian?


Data insufficient.

You must specify data type of  Two 1 s .If they are String then ans is 11 If they are integer type DECIMAL number then answer is 2.If they are binary number then the answer is 10.

Teachings from Geeta and Bollywood For students

Geeta me likha hai “Karm karo fal ki chinta mat karo” So exam do selection ki chita mat karo.

Bollywood says “Eshwar har kisi ke liye kisi na kisi ki banata hai” so usne tumhare liye bhi koi College zaroor banaya hoga after all jodiya to swarg me banti hai naa……

IIT JEE Performance report of MAN MOHAN SINGH

Someone called MAN MOHAN SINGH also gave jee last year here are his marks his AIR was 346670

All Marks
REGST_NO NAME category sub_category GENDER math phys chem mark Field1
4052134 MAN MOHAN SINGH GE NN M 7 -10 -12 -15


phys NAME mark REGST_NO category
156 SHAH PARARTH PARESH 409 1070200 GE

Even his marks in physics are more than Nitin Jains’s physics marks.

IIT JEE 2009 Topper Nitin Jains’S Marks sheet

All Marks
REGST_NO NAME category sub_category GENDER PIN_RES PARENT_NAM math phys chem mark Field1
M 121001 NEM CHAND JAIN 153 149 122 424

now here is something cool here is mark sheet of another Nitin Jain who gave jee

REGST_NO NAME category sub_category GENDER PIN_RES PARENT_NAM math phys chem mark Field1
2133235 NITIN JAIN GE NN M 201001 -10 -7 -3 -20

His air was 358629.

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