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Selections from Aakash in IITJEE

Don’t know how many of them are fake.Nitin jain as everyone know was a FIITJEEen and even he admitted that he never joined Aakash….

bUT wE can’t do anything about THE COACHING MAFIA in India…

FIITJEE Resonance Bansal Aakash iitjee aieee test material and notes,Questions

Students from FIITJEE,Resonance, Bansal,Aakash who gave IITJEE last year and have not droped and have joined some engg. college are requested to post their notes and coaching material(non-copyrighted one) at sites like or etc. so that students giving jee this year may benefit from such materials.Any link to such material can be submited as comment to this post.If you want to share your notes then please upload it at or and post its link here

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