Funny facts about IITs, NIT, Engineering and more

Ok in all previous posts I have written about Least scorers in IIT JEE but we must give some respect to toppers as well so in next few posts I will post about Toppers and highest scorers.


Comments on: "Now something about the IIT JEE Topper" (2)

  1. ramaiah IIt acadamy said:

    he would have been a big failure had he continued with ramaiah IIt acadamy he should thank his stars for not falling in the trap of Ramaiah IIT acadamy Hyderabad. one startling fact is that several other students of same calibery of jitender coudn even qualify in ramaiah

  2. Very true. Ramaiah takes only 3 to 6 hour coaching. Virtually no home assignments .
    No study material.
    Tests not as per JEE format.
    Physics, Chem and maths all are not taught daily i.e. only two subjects covered in a day.
    Syllabus not timely completed.
    Students not allowed to discuss among themselves.
    No doubt clarification sessions. teachers not accessible.
    No surprises that there is drop in results.

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